✦ The Sojourner Project

A Black Studies Mobile Academy initiated by the Practicing Refusal Collective


Facilitated by Dionne Brand, Christina Sharpe, Torkwase Dyson, Canisia Lubrin, Kevin Adonis Browne, Danai Mupotsa and Dele Adeyemo.

  • Public Session (Zoom)
  • April 30th, 2021
  • 12pm(EDT) 6pm(SAST)


Watch the recorded session

These words mean and remember their origins in each other, each produced by the other, each is equal to the other. In the Black Atlantic, in the Black Pacific, in the Black Mediterranean, cartography is catastrophe, catastrophe is cartography. Each contributor as academics, as poets, as artists will dwell on the movement—symbolized by the double colon-between these concepts.


CANISIA LUBRIN: from Earthway: A Poetry of Crossings

DANAI MUPOTSA: breathing grief

DELE ADEYEMO: Masquerading Cartography - Practices of Worlding Out of the Ruins of racial Capitalism in the Gulf of Guinea